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Reliable energy supply is an important part of our customer pledge

janne hartikainen

Guaranteeing an uninterrupted energy and heat supply to all Vantaa residents is an important part of our customer pledge. Reliable energy supply makes the everyday lives of Vantaa residents easier – every day around the year.

Reliable and uninterrupted energy supply is nowadays regarded as almost a given. Although it is impossible to promise a completely uninterrupted energy supply, Vantaa Energy has managed it very well.

– The reliability of electricity supply in Vantaa is higher than in many similar population centres. Our goal is to keep supply disruptions to less than twelve minutes per year per customer. The previous reported average was only 0.07 hours, i.e. four minutes, smiles Janne Hartikainen, Account Manager at Vantaa Energy Electricity Networks Ltd.

A smoothly functioning electricity network is the result of continuous development and maintenance work. In practice, about 90 per cent of Vantaa Energy’s network is cabled, and over the next five years all customers will be within the area of a reliable electricity network. A cabled network rarely has interruptions, and even then it is usually possible to ensure power supply to the customer due to loops in the electricity network.

– We regularly monitor the satisfaction of our customers and aim to be proactive so that there is no need for the customer to contact us. Electricity meters collect a lot of data that we can use to help the customers already before any problems arise. In future, even more data will be collected when the new-generation electricity meters will be rolled out, says Hartikainen.

The needs and wishes change constantly, and competition in the field has become tougher. Therefore, listening to the customers is one of the most important means of developing our services.

– Top professionals at Vantaa Energy work hard to ensure that the customers will have their lights switched on in all circumstances!

Reliable heat with district heating

20220329 091249District heating is a reliable and energy-efficient heating solution in large urban centres as long as it is well maintained. Vantaa Energy aims to keep supply disruptions caused by faults and damage in the heating season under 50 minutes per year per customer. This promise has already been fulfilled for the past five years because Vantaa Energy has invested in the refurbishment, maintenance and monitoring of the heating network. New fault detection methods have also been taken into use.

– A competent and motivated personnel is the basis for all operations. Condition monitoring of the heating network is demanding work, but we have developed various methods for it. For example, thermal camera imaging by helicopter is in regular use. We carry out imaging on the entire network twice a year, as a result of which we usually discover several fault sites that we can repair proactively, describes City Energy Network Manager Heikki Ojansuu.   

According to a recent survey, Vantaa has the most satisfied heat customers in Finland. Therefore, we have succeeded in heat distribution exceptionally well.  

– We will do everything we can also in the future to ensure that we can maintain the achieved level of satisfaction, Ojansuu promises.

Long-standing responsibility work

The aim of Vantaa Energy’s environmental work is to be a responsible and active operator in slowing down climate change. We aim for energy efficiency and reliability in everything we do. Reliable energy supply is one deed towards more responsible tomorrow because it increases the customers’ trust in our operations.

– Customers expect reliability from us. We want to fulfil these expectations and constantly think of new ways to develop our operations and also the entire sector, Hartikainen assures.

Responsibility as a theme is extensive, and it is seen in all practical activities of Vantaa Energy. How we dig new cables into the ground, how we dispose of waste and where new plants will be located – responsibility must be taken into account in everything. We also invest in the safety of our employees and our customers alike.

– The long-term perspective is our strength. We build electricity and heating networks for decades to come and we are committed to the operations. We want to operate well and in the correct way. To prove this, we are using an environmental certificate, the auditing of which is the responsibility of an outside body. We have the competence, motivation and will to do our work well and to act responsibly for the benefit of all Vantaa residents, Ojansuu sums up.