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Anonymous reporting channel

Vantaa Energy Ltd is committed to responsible operations, and we aim to promote the ethical code of conduct in every way. We want to operate openly, responsibly and in compliance with the ethical principles. We monitor the implementation of the ethical principles in our daily operations.

We use an anonymous Whistleblowing reporting channel, WhistleB. With the reporting channel, we offer an opportunity for the group’s employees, suppliers, customers and other stakeholders to report any misconduct.

Through the reporting channel, you can report any suspicions of misconduct on our part or operations that do not follow our ethical principles. All reports are handled confidentially.

The reporting channel is meant only for reporting suspected misconduct. In any disputes and problem situations, we encourage you to contact the person responsible for the matter in the group in the first instance. If for some reason this is not possible, the manager’s supervisor, the human resource services, or members of the management team can liaise in the matter.

We take seriously all suspicions with regard to possible illegal or unethical activity, and we urge everyone to bring them to our attention whenever there is reason to do so.  All reports are handled confidentially by the Whistleblowing team of Vantaa Energy Ltd.

What can I report via the channel?

  • Conflicts of interest and bribery
  • Violations of human rights
  • Violations of competition law
  • Corruption
  • Fraud
  • Financial irregularities
  • Serious forms of discrimination or harassment
  • Environmental offences

What kind of reports should not be submitted via this channel?

  • Customer feedback, changes of address
  • Fault reports
  • Complaints
  • General HR matters

You can submit the report with your own name or on a fully anonymous basis. You need not have any proof in support of the suspicions, but the reports must be made in good faith. It is forbidden to submit reports that are known to be untrue, and this may result in legal action.

The Whistleblowing service is provided by an outside body, and the platform is encrypted and password protected. The metadata is not recorded and the IP addresses cannot be tracked. Therefore, it is not possible to identify an anonymous reporter. After submitting the report, an anonymous reporter will receive a username and password. The reporter can then log in to the service, read the responses of the whistleblowing team and send messages to the team.

The legal basis for processing personal data is the implementation of the controller’s legitimate interests and the promotion and maintenance of good governance (e.g. compliance with rules and the legislation).  Further information about the collection and handling of data is available in the following privacy policy.

The person subject to the report does not have the right to inspect the data. The Group’s Data Protection Officer can check the lawfulness of the information at their request.

The report can be submitted in Finnish, Swedish or English. Unfortunately, we are unable to process reports submitted in another language.

Link to the reporting form of the channel

After having sent your message you will receive an ID and a password on the screen. Save these in a secure manner. You will remain anonymous throughout this dialogue.
Follow up on your message here.