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District heat is an effortless choice

Are you thinking about joining district heat?

District heat is a smart choice! It is suitable for the heating of buildings regardless of their purpose of use, size or age. When you choose district heat, you will find it easy. It is a secure and affordable heating method – the most popular in Finland.

Despite its name, district heat is truly local heat. District heat is produced in our power plants in Vantaa, and we distribute it to properties located close to our district heating network that covers every part of our city.

Friend of the environment

Heat is produced at the same time as we generate electricity in our power plants.

Most popular

Did you know that district heating is the most popular heating method in Vantaa and in the whole of Finland?


We are able to keep our costs in check because the waste burning in our waste-to-energy plant is a domestic fuel.


District heat gives you no trouble. We take care of the security of heat supply.


The reliability of our district heat supply is a whopping 99.9 per cent.

Local heat

Despite its name, district heat is local heat.


We believe in open communication and transparent pricing.

Recycled Heat uses rubbish to heat properties

Did you know that a two-kilo bag of rubbish can produce enough energy to heat up water for a 7-minute shower?

Thanks to our new waste-to-energy plant, about half of the district heat we produce is Recycled Heat.

Recycled Heat is an ecological choice taken especially by enterprises and large properties. By choosing Recycled Heat, you help save the environment and have a say in what kind of energy we produce and use in Finland.

Recycled Heat

Choose 100% renewable energy with 0 kg/MWh of CO2 emissions. The price of Recycled Heat 100 in addition to the district heat energy fee is 1,90 €/MWh (0 % VAT).

Supply outages or faults

Vantaa Energy’s security of district heat supply is outstanding. The supply percentage of heat delivered to homes is 99.9. At times, for example, service and maintenance tasks result in brief disruptions.