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Carbon negativity 2030

Our carbon negative plans are based on circular economy solutions that enable energy production using existing, non-recyclable raw materials.

Our goal is to be a carbon negative circular economy energy company by 2030. We are constantly innovating to produce affordable, reliable, climate-friendly energy and energy-efficiency services for Vantaa homes and businesses today and tomorrow.


Our ongoing projects

Varanto - The Cavern Thermal Energy Storage

We are building a seasonal thermal energy storage facility in Vantaa. Our seasonal thermal energy storage is called Varanto. When completed, it will be the largest in the world by all standards.

High-Temperature Incineration Plant

Vantaa Energy is building a High-Temperature Incineration Plant to treat non-recyclable household and industrial hazardous waste.

Electric boiler

We are expanding our emissions-free heat production and planning to build a electric boiler and thermal battery for the Martinlaakso Power Plant.