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Carefree energy upgrade

Correctly optimised energy use
You can optimise your property’s energy efficiency and save in living costs while reducing the environmental impacts of heating at the property and city levels. The service is implemented as an easy life-cycle service where we take care of all technology without any investment need by the customer.
Lower energy use, lower costs
- With the carefree service, the property’s energy costs are easier to anticipate throughout the property’s life cycle on the basis of fixed pricing.
- A reliable alternative to major expensive energy renovations.
- With the service, your knowledge of the property’s situation will improve, the energy consumption and costs will fall, and you will save in living costs and reduce the environmental impacts of heating.
Price guarantee and lower energy price
When you choose our service, the price of your district heat will become a fixed monthly fee for a 5-year period. This will help in budgeting. You will receive Renewable Heat free of charge as part of the deal.

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