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High-Temperature Incineration Plant

turns hazardous waste into heat safely 

High-Temperature Incineration Plant

Vantaa Energy’s High-Temperature Incineration Plant will use non-recyclable hazardous waste, i.e. common household waste that is separately collected, to heat homes safely and energy efficiently.

Status under construction
Year of completion 2025 
Capacity 40 000 t/y
Output capacity 24 MW
Annual output 5-10 % of demand of Vantaa’s district heat

Most common hazardous waste

Hazardous waste commonly found in households includes:

  • medicines
  • oily materials
  • paints
  • solvents
  • adhesives
  • varnishes

Hazardous waste is also generated in, e.g., paint industry processes.  

Safety is the corner stone for the plant's operation

Meticulous attention to safety and the environment.

Enables to phase out fossil fuels

The High-Temperature Incineration Plant provides a way to recover non-recyclable waste fractions.

A carbon neutral treatment process is been planned

The plant is also being designed for carbon capture and utilization.

This is how we do it