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Management and targets of corporate social responsibility 2026

We are committed to complying with legislation and the environmental regulations and commitments related to our operations. We shoulder our responsibility by taking economic, social and environmental aspects into account in our decision-making. We have identified the key impacts of our operations on the environment and society. We are committed to reducing environmental impacts and meeting the expectations of our stakeholders through constant improvement of our operations. Our goals and targets are reviewed each year for the next 5-year period.

Climate change mitigation
• We are phasing out the use of coal by 2022
• We are phasing out the use of fossil fuels in Vantaa by 2026
• 95 per cent of the electricity we generate will be climate neutral in 2026
• We are reducing our own energy consumption in accordance with the energy efficiency agreement by about 50 GWh per year, and we help our customers to monitor their energy consumption and save energy

Reliable energy supply
• The reliability of electricity supply is higher than in other similar population centres. Our aim is to keep supply disruptions below 0.2 hours per resident per year
• Reliable supply of heat energy is at a good level in sector-level comparisons. Our aim is to keep supply disruptions due to faults and damage in the heating season below 0.8 hours per resident per year

Promotion of circular economy
• We are expanding the waste processing service for the utilisation of non-recyclable fractions in recycling plants in 2022
• We aim to sign new contracts each year to take advantage of the waste energy of our customers’ cooling processes with service concepts that promote the overall efficiency of the energy system.
• Our target is more efficient utilisation of material flows. Vantaa Energy strives to reduce the consumption of make-up water and process water in district heating. For make-up water, the maximum target is 1.5 times the volume of the district heating network.

Our responsibility to stakeholders
• Vantaa Energy is a safe environment to work in. Our safety target is zero occupational accidents.
• Employee experience at Vantaa Energy is at a good level. Our aim is to have an employee satisfaction rating of at least 4 (scale 1-5) in the employee survey in 2025
• We share the responsibility of employing young people and promoting energy awareness (taking it into account in recruitment, summer and trainee jobs, collaboration with educational establishments). We recruit about 30 summer employees
• The company’s operations are economically viable. A good result also enables responsible operations
• Customers are our key stakeholders. To achieve an even better service experience, we are further developing our understanding of the needs and expectations of our customers. In customer satisfaction surveys, our target is to be at an excellent level
• The responsibility aspect is taken into account in procurement. We require that our suppliers comply with the Group’s Code of Conduct

Anonymous reporting channel

The Vantaa Energy Group is committed to responsible operations, and we aim to promote the ethical code of conduct in every way. We want to operate openly, responsibly and in compliance with the ethical principles. We monitor the implementation of the ethical principles in our daily operations.

We use an anonymous Whistleblowing reporting channel. With the reporting channel, we offer an opportunity for the group’s employees, suppliers, customers and other stakeholders to report any misconduct.

Please note that the channel is not meant for customer feedback, changes of address, fault reports or complaints.