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Getting rid of fossils – quickly

The use of coal in Finland will end by 2029. As a part of our target of phasing out fossil fuels by 2026, Vantaa Energy will stop using coal in the Vantaa region by 2022. The accelerated phase-out is enabled by energy storage systems, renewable energy and circular economy solutions, all of which will also contribute to our target of reaching climate-neutrality.

The use of peat for energy use will also decrease by at least 50 percent before 2030. However, we will phase peat out by 2021 thanks to our new system for controlling incineration and corrosion at our bio-power plant.

Finland is also commited to reducing the carbon footprint of buildings and supporting the transition to carbon-free heat production. This is supported by improvements in energy efficiency and support for smart and flexible energy consumption. These are well aligned with our goals – we are investing in efficiency improvements and smart services to reduce emissions in Vantaa.