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Expansion of Waste-to-Energy plant enabling a quick phase out of coal

Circular economy energy solutions and investment in them play an important role in the transition to fossil-free energy production in Vantaa. Vantaa Energy’s waste-to-energy plant that was built in 2014, is among the best in the world. Each year, it burns 374 000 tonnes of unusable waste which would otherwise end up in the landfill or be exported abroad. Thanks to the waste-to-energy plant, we use 40 percent less fossil fuels, and our carbon dioxide emissions are reduced by about 30 percent. The plant will be expanded to treat waste also from the business sector. When finished, the plant will treat 210 000 tons of non-recyclable waste produced by trade and industry in the Helsinki region anually.

The project will contribute both to the decarbonisation and effective circularity of the local energy system. The extension the waste-to-energy plant currently under construction makes it possible for Vantaa Energy to phase out the use of coal in energy production already by 2022. Thanks to the waste-to-energy plant, we are less dependent on imported fossil raw materials and the amount of carbon dioxide emissions in Vantaa is falling. The emissions of the plant fall below the limit values by an average of 50 per cent. 90 per cent of gas particulates from the chimney are filtered, and the plant stops if the gas levels exceed the permitted emission values. Planned completion of the project is in summer 2022.