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Clean energy from a groundbreaking geothermal facility

Vantaa Energy is currently building a geothermal heating plant, which will be drilled with a diamond drill to a depth of two kilometers. Thanks to the plant, Vantaa Energy will be able to produce district heating in a completely new and clean way. The plant produces about 1,400 MWh of heat, which corresponds to a volume of about 40 traditional, 300-meter-deep geothermal wells. The project is the first in Finland of such a large scale.

Drilling deep, many kilometers of geothermal wells is challenging, and the project has utilized a completely new kind of technology. The heat well also works as an energy storage, making it possible to compensate for seasonal fluctuations in energy. Buildings account for roughly 40 percent of the final energy use and emissions in the EU. In the future, geothermal energy can be a significant help in heating buildings across Europe, especially in countries where summers are warm but winters are cold.