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Energy for your company

Look no further: a reliable and stable partner is right here

Whatever your company’s energy needs, we can help. Together we can find you an electricity contract to match your and your company’s requirements. A smart solution will save your company a lot of money!

We can serve businesses of all sizes promptly and with experience – after all, we are one of the largest and longest-serving city energy companies in the country. We work hard to satisfy our customers’ needs. This work has paid off as 93% of our customers would recommend us to their friends and family.

We have a wide range of products, including several eco-friendly alternatives. If you wish, you can choose from hydro, wind or CO2-free electricity, among others. 

Services to small business

Small businesses benefit from our straightforward services and effortless, affordable electricity contracts. If your business is a hair salon, kiosk, small restaurant or other enterprise with an annual consumption of less than 300 MWh, click the following link and we can find you the best alternative.

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Customer service tel 09 829 0400 mon – fri 8-16

A partner to medium-sized enterprises

Is electricity a significant cost item for your company? We also have solutions for slightly larger consumption, such as supermarkets, real estates, warehouses, production plants and other enterprises with an annual consumption of 300–2,000 MWh.

Send us a request for an offer, and we will contact you and find the most suitable and competitive solution for you.

Contact us
Customer service tel 09 829 0400 mon – fri 8-16

Electricity for major companies

We are a secure and reliable partner that helps your business to succeed. Send us a request for a solution to major companies with an annual electricity consumption of over 2,000 MWh, such as industrial enterprises, real estate companies or major store and warehouse properties. Our experts will find you the most effective tailor-made solution, whatever your company or situation.

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Michel Henrioud
tfn 050 599 8495

Pauli Luomajoki
tfn 050 372 0321

Tarja Hellstén
tfn 050 390 3300

District heat

We also offer district heat for businesses. Ask us more, and we can tailor the best solution for your company.

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District heating services
tel. 09 829 0259