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Security of energy supply

Our most important task is to deliver electricity and heat to our customers in a reliable way – around the clock, throughout the year.

The reliability of electricity supply is higher in Vantaa than in other similar population centres. Our aim is to keep supply disruptions below 0.2 hours per resident per year.

In 2020, the average duration of all supply disruptions was 0.07 hours per resident per year. We offer reliable electricity distribution, the quality of which meets the requirements of the Electricity Market Act. On average, our customers have a power cut only every ten years. In the event of a power cut, it lasts an average of 27 minutes. In this respect, we are clearly among the three highest-rated city electricity network companies.

Reliable supply of heat energy is at a good level in sector-level comparisons. Our aim is to keep supply disruptions in the heating season permanently below 0.8 hours per resident per year.

In 2020, this target was met: the outage time caused by faults and damage was 0.417 hours per customer.

In order to improve the security of supply, we allocate a significant amount of resources to the refurbishment of the district heating network. The strategy of refurbishment is to identify critical line sections and to allocate renovation measures to these sections. Refurbishment is part of total optimisation of production.