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We must have the courage to have a fresh view in the energy transition

There is no need for confrontation: in order to achieve our climate and biodiversity objectives we need a diverse set of solutions. The pace of change must be rapid and we can’t argue why one solution might be better than another. The direction must be clear and each move must further the environmental objectives. At the same time we must ensure that we see all our projects as a whole and do not focus on solving just one tiny objective and lead targets in the wrong direction somewhere else. This sounds reasonable and self-evident, but it is surprisingly difficult to implement in today’s information explosion, where everyone speaks from their own perspective. The importance of reliable sources based on research data is highlighted.

Vantaa Energy appears to be coping well in the energy transition. Our success is based on strong competencies. It is people who are the agents of change, people are the innovators and implementers in the end. Technology is an enabler, but the intelligence must come from people. We have succeeded in building a first-class organisation for change at Vantaa Energy. Together with the support of our owners achieving our ambitious goals is possible. We can be proud to present our plans for carbon negativity by 2030 and the related projects. They are not just goals, they are concrete measures filled with intelligence.

The ongoing transformation of the energy and circular economies means building completely new value chains. This is not going to happen in isolation. Partnerships with organisations willing to change across industry boundaries create a whole new way of viewing and approaching issues. Emissions are no longer the only objective to be resolved: it is equally important to foster sustainable, energy-efficient use of raw materials. Innovative technological solutions created together represent a huge potential for Finland. The know-how built up in the course of change constitutes capital and the commercialization of that know-how must be borne in mind.

Vantaa Energy rides on the crest of the energy sector development wave by developing its energy production and its entire production palette in an innovative way. Our project portfolio has many magnificent projects underway and in the pipeline. These projects define energy production on a whole new level. To highlight some of our great projects the planned Electric Fuel Plant will respond to the cry of many industries by offering solutions for heat production by means of hydrogen economy allowing the use of natural gas to be replaced with synthetic gas and thus fossil-free heating of the city even during the coldest periods of winter. Synthetic gas produced in the Electric Fuel Plant will accelerate the green transition of the heavy transport sector when it is used as a renewable transport fuel.  

The High-temperature Incineration Plant treating hazardous waste will expand our range of non-recyclable waste treatment services. The Activated Carbon Plant would enable even more environmentally friendly heat production by further processing recycled wood using a non-combustion-based method generating the end products of carbon-neutral heat for the heating network and bio-based activated carbon for municipal and industrial applications. Projects such as the Activated Carbon Plant require strong partnerships.

Our plans also include further processing of carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide would be captured from the flue gases of energy production and utilised for long lifecycle products which would significantly improve the carbon balance of the Finnish energy industry and at the same time further the sustainable carbon cycle.

Vantaa Energy is a courageous and innovative future-building operator with the courage to question and rethink issues. We are part of the change – let’s make the change together?

Matias 2022
Blog written by 
Matias Siponen
Business Development Manager 
Vantaa Energy Ltd