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Vantaa Energy’s Power-to-Gas Plant utilises new technology to process carbon dioxide into raw material

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Vantaa Energy Ltd is planning to build a Power-to-Gas Plant (P2G) producing carbon-neutral synthetic gas. The plant plays a key role in Vantaa Energy’s target of phasing out fossil fuels in 2026 and continuing its progress towards carbon negativity in 2030. The Power-to-Gas Plant utilises water and carbon dioxide produced in the processing of waste in a new and innovative way in the production of gas. The Power-to-Gas Plant produces carbon-neutral synthetic gas from captured carbon dioxide and from hydrogen produced with renewable energy.

The planned location of Vantaa Energy’s Power-to-Gas Plant (P2G) is in connection with Vantaa Energy’s Waste-to-Energy Plant. That way the location will enable the utilisation of waste energy produced in the process as heat, as well as taking advantage of the synergy between electricity generation, heating and transport sectors. Vantaa Energy’s Power-to-Gas Plant project is a unique sector integration project where the transport fuel production and the heating, gas and electricity markets are connected in a single project. The manufacturing process uses renewable electricity, with an end result of carbon-neutral heat and synthetic electric fuel to serve the transport sector and energy production. In terms of the implementation of the Power-to-Gas Plant, the recovery of waste heat plays a significant role. Waste heat of the production process is utilised, for example, in the heating of the city of Vantaa.

– For Vantaa Energy, the Power-to-Gas Plant is an important enabler to phase out the use of natural gas in heat production in the coldest moments of the winter, and the area of Vantaa Energy’s Waste-to-Energy Plant is an excellent site for synthetic gas production. The area already has the key infrastructure needed by the plant, and the profitability of the project is also boosted by the seasonal heat storage facility, which is under plan for the vicinity of the plant, storing waste heat produced in the production process for utilisation during the winter heating season. The electricity needed by the Power-to-Gas Plant is already available from the wind farms where Vantaa Energy has a shareholding, and several new wind power projects are progressing to their construction phase, explains Vantaa Energy’s CEO Jukka Toivonen.

The Power-to-Gas Plant project is part of Vantaa Energy’s Fossil-Free 2026 project entity, as a result of which Vantaa Energy will phase out fossil fuels in energy production in the Vantaa region by 2026. Vantaa Energy is progressing towards carbon negativity in 2030.

Vantaa Energy is planning the Power-to-Gas Plant project in partnership with the technology company Wärtsilä. In March 2022, the project is in its preliminary planning stage. According to the preliminary timetable, the Power-to-Gas Plant is scheduled for completion in 2025.

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Jukka Toivonen, CEO, Vantaan Energy Ltd
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