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Vantaa Energy strives for the role of forerunner in customer orientation

Asiakaslahtoisyys 2022

The best things are done together. The circular-economy energy company Vantaa Energy continues to involve its customers in its development work. Customer orientation can be seen in the attitudes of employees, and it is a solid part of the evolving corporate culture.  

The energy sector has taken huge steps from the viewpoint of customer orientation. Still in the early 2000s, customers had to submit an application to join the heating network, but these days there is an active dialogue with customers. Today, customers regard the energy sector to be along the same path with other sectors, which respond to the customers’ increasing wishes.

– Customers’ expectations do not stem from the energy sector, but from completely different sectors. However, this doesn’t mean that an energy company couldn’t be a model example of a company that provides an excellent customer experience. In addition to climate friendliness, we want to be a forerunner in customer orientation, Vantaa Energy’s CEO Jukka Toivonen envisages.

The customer base of Vantaa Energy is diverse, ranging form individual residents to major companies. For someone moving to Vantaa, Vantaa Energy may be one of their first experiences with the new home town, and therefore it is important to create a good customer experience.

– It is easy to be in touch with us. We can be reached through several contact channels. On the other hand, from our customers’ point of view, it is a sign of good customer experience when there is no need to contact us after signing up as our customer. This suggests that our services are running smoothly, Toivonen says.


Investments in improving customer experience

Vantaa Energy invests in the development of customer experience. Customer satisfaction is measured systematically, and any deviations are tackled immediately. Product and service development is carried out together with the customers.

– Our customers are involved in the development, testing and brainstorming of our services. This has not always been the case, and therefore with our activities we want to contribute to the development of the entire energy sector in a more customer-centric direction, Toivonen comments.

The company’s range of services already includes products that have been developed together with customers. For example, customer-driven, agile development methods were used in the development of the service package published last autumn. In addition to joint development, testing of service concepts was carried out with customers, and pilot customers were selected for the services.

Customer orientation at Vantaa Energy has also been noted by the customers themselves. Heat customers ranked the energy company highest in Finland in the customer satisfaction survey carried out by EPSI Rating.

Further information:

Jukka Toivonen, CEO, Vantaan Energy Ltd
p. 050 453 6729