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Vantaa Energy seeks startup partners to develop innovations in the energy sector

Vantaa Energy is one of Finland’s largest urban energy companies. It produces electricity and heat, tackles challenges in the circular economy and sells energy services, ranging from easy construction to improving energy efficiency in properties. Climate change is currently the most important factor having an impact on our operating environment. We are actively seeking new, innovative solutions in the energy sector in order to ensure clean, reasonably priced and secure energy for all our customers now and in the future. We are now seeking startup partners for our common journey where our target is to be a carbon sink as soon as in 2030. 

For many years, we have been a forerunner in low-emission energy with a stable price, utilising the latest technology and the means of circular economy. We are now taking the next step by launching corporate venturing activities for seeking innovations that will take the entire energy sector towards a new era. We are investing in companies that support our targets of being carbon negative in 2030, promote the circular economy and climate change mitigation, and increase our business activities.  

– We are known as a forerunner in the energy sector, actively seeking innovative energy solutions. We are now looking for startup partners that develop new solutions, for example, for carbon sequestration, capture and utilisation, or for the management of waste flows, not forgetting the significance of data and analytics. We welcome you aboard our journey towards carbon negativity to ensure reasonably priced and secure energy for all our customers while tackling the challenges of the circular economy,  says Matti Wallin, Business Director, Energy Service Business at Vantaa Energy. 

Our partner in this project is Innovestor, an investment company focusing on early-stage venture capital investment.  

– The Corporate Venturing team of Innovestor brings major companies and startups together and provides the tools for constructing a successful venture collaboration. Vantaa Energy is a corporate customer of Innovestor’s Corporate Venturing business, for which Innovestor is seeking startups that develop innovative solutions for future collaboration. It is great to start this journey together towards sustainable energy innovations, says Sonja Lätti, Service Manager at Innovestor. 

The scouting work for discovering innovative startups was launched by Innovestor at the beginning of January. In the next stage, we will progress to negotiations with the most potential enterprises with a view of launching cooperation.  

Further information: 

Matti Wallin, Business Director, Energy Service Business, +358 44 723 5782, 

Sonja Lätti, Service Manager, Innovestor Corporate Venturing, +358 50 554 7894,