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Vantaa Energy is preparing for the coldest days of the winter

VE kuvaukset 11 12 2017 Valmiit Kokonaisuus1 4

The circular economy energy company Vantaa Energy is making provisions to safeguard the security of heat supply in the forthcoming winter season. The company has decided to utilise the coal-fired boiler which has been in reserve to ensure security of supply, in the winter season in order to guarantee sufficient heat production in the Vantaa region.

Vantaa Energy has made provisions for the colder weather in the winter and started fuel procurement for the needs of the winter season in good time. The most important energy sources of heat in the winter season will be non-recyclable mixed waste from households and trade and industry as well as biofuel. Last spring the coal-fired boiler of Vantaa Energy’s Martinlaakso power plant was left in reserve for security of supply upon phasing out the use of coal. However, due to the tightening energy market situation, a decision was made to take it into use in the forthcoming winter season in order to safeguard sufficient heat production. Natural gas has been used in Vantaa Energy’s heat production as the fuel for coldest days, but due to the uncertainties of its supply, preparations have been made to replace natural gas with coal, peat and light fuel oil if necessary.  

Heat in the Vantaa region is mainly produced in Vantaa Energy’s Waste-To-Energy Plant. It uses non-recyclable energy waste from the 1.5 million residents of the Helsinki region as raw material. The extension of the Waste-To-Energy Plant increases the share of Vantaa Energy’s heat production based on domestic raw materials when the non-recyclable energy waste of trade and industry can be utilised in heat production.

– Vantaa Energy’s diverse heat production capacity enables sufficient heat production and reliable heat supplies to homes in Vantaa even in the middle of the prevailing, extremely exceptional energy market situation. In addition, the rise in the general cost level will also result in a moderate increase of the price of heat produced by us. However, despite the increase in line of inflation, the price is still clearly the most favourable in the Helsinki region, says Vantaa Energy’s CEO Jukka Toivonen.

Vantaa Energy aims to phase out fossil fuels in energy production as quickly as possible and progress towards carbon negativity in 2030.

Further information
Jukka Toivonen, CEO, Vantaa Energy Ltd
p. 050 453 6729