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Vantaa Energy is launching services to improve energy efficiency in properties

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Vantaa Energy’s Energy Lane is a new era of buying energy and heating: a service package that brings various energy services to your home in a single, stably priced and constantly developing way. We have now launched three new packages that offer tools especially for housing companies and businesses to improve energy efficiency in properties and facilitate building construction. The energy-efficiency measures will provide significant savings in the heating costs of properties, which will also reduce the environmental impacts of heating.

Vantaa Energy has established itself as a producer of climate-friendly heat with a stable price. The company has committed itself to carry out active practical measures to mitigate climate change with the aid of the Fossil-Free 2026 project. Vantaa Energy’s goal is to be carbon neutral in 2030.

– We are now taking steps towards being a one-stop energy partner by launching the Energy Lane service package that gives our customers even more versatile options to improve their own energy consumption and cost effectiveness, says Tomi Myller, Head of Sales & Customer Solutions at Vantaa Energy.

In the Smart Energy Detective service, Vantaa Energy makes an extensive review of the property’s energy efficiency and draws up a report for the purpose of an inspection of repair needs and the improvement of the property’s energy efficiency. In addition to the report, Vantaa Energy and the customer will decide together which energy efficiency measures will be taken. 

The Carefree Energy Upgrade service optimises the property’s energy efficiency, provides savings, and reduces the environmental impacts of heating at the property and the city levels. The service is provided for the customer as an easy life-cycle service where Vantaa Energy takes care of all technology without any investment need by the customer. 

The third new service to be launched now is the Easy Energy Connection service, which is aimed especially for newbuilds. With the service, Vantaa Energy provides house builders with everything they need with regard to heating and cooling, from planning to equipment and operation, without any middlemen. This brings speed and savings in construction projects. 

– This is the first version of the Energy Lane service package, a kick-off for constantly developing services related to energy use for the duration of the entire life cycle of the property. In future, we can provide you with all heating and cooling solutions as an easy service in the form of a ready-made package of energy efficiency and environmental targets. Vantaa Energy’s goal is to be carbon neutral in 2030. We are accelerating towards that goal – not one property, but one city at a time. This is the best energy decision of your life, Tomi Myller sums up.

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Tomi Myller
Sales & Customer Solutions, Vantaa Energy Ltd
+ 358 40 517 5050 


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