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Vantaa Energy aims to be carbon neutral already in 2030

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Vantaa Energy is taking another giant leap in its climate targets and has now set a goal of being carbon neutral in 2030. The innovative energy production solutions of the Fossil-Free 2026 project for transforming the energy sector help to achieve this goal.

Vantaa Energy’s journey towards climate-neutral energy production started at the beginning of last decade. Significant investments in climate-friendly energy production have included, e.g. the construction of the waste-to-energy plant and the Martinlaakso bioenergy plant, as well as increasing the efficiency of the bioenergy plant with the aid of artificial intelligence. With these projects, Vantaa Energy has reduced its carbon-dioxide emissions by 70 per cent from the 2010 level.

Later this year, the next step in the Fossil-Free 2026 project is phasing out the use of coal and the completion of a geothermal heating plant to be connected to the district heating network.

– We will be fossil-free by 2026, and our aim is to be a carbon-neutral energy company in 2030. This makes us an electricity and heat producer that accelerates towards carbon neutrality with exceptional speed.  The current energy system is undergoing a huge transformation. Slowing down climate change requires rapid measures in order to reduce carbon-dioxide emissions, renewable energy forms replace fossil fuels in energy production, circular economy increases resource efficiency, and digitalisation revolutionises business models. Vantaa Energy is a forerunner in the industry, goading society in the direction of more sustainable future,  says Vantaa Energy’s CEO Jukka Toivonen.

In 2024, the Fossil-Free 2026 project will progress with the commissioning of two new circular economy power plants. The heat recovered from the processing of waste in these plants will be utilised in the district heating network of Vantaa. The world’s largest seasonal heat storage facility will be completed in 2026. The energy stored in the facility will replace the use of natural gas in the winter season. In addition, Vantaa Energy is making preparations for a synthetic methane plant where clean water recovered from the flue gases of the waste-to-energy plant is combined with carbon dioxide, producing methane gas. This would replace the use of fossil natural gas in heat production, and it would also be sold for transport use.

After that, Vantaa Energy is planning, e.g. the promotion of the use of waste heat, wider deployment of hydrogen economy solutions, carbon capture and utilisation as raw material of recycled fuels, and the utilisation of carbon sinks.

– Energy choices matter. By choosing Vantaa Energy, the customer makes a concrete choice for a cleaner energy system and future. In addition to increasingly clean energy, we ensure that heating is carefree, stably priced and reliable for our customers, Jukka Toivonen says in conclusion.

For more information, please contact:

Jukka Toivonen
CEO, Vantaa Energy Ltd
+358 50 453 6729

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