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Finland’s first industrial-scale Power-to-Gas plant – Vantaa Energy and Wärtsilä take Finland towards carbon neutrality

Vantaa Energy and the technology company Wärtsilä signed a co-operation agreement this year on the pre-engineering of a significant Power-to-Gas (P2G) plant that produces synthetic methane. Due to be commissioned in 2025, upon completion, the P2G i.e. the electric fuel plant will be the largest in Finland and also the first to produce carbon-neutral, synthetic […]

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Vantaa Energy progressing towards carbon negativity in 2030

Vantaa Energy’s goal-oriented work to reduce carbon dioxide emissions continues with the launch of the company’s project entity Carbonnegative 2030. As a result of the plan Vantaa Energy with its operations will sequester more carbon dioxide than it releases into the atmosphere, taking it towards carbon negativity in 2030. Vantaa Energy’s Carbon negative 2030 project […]

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