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Rapid phase-out of coal and peat in energy production

As part of the strategy to become fossil-free by 2026, Vantaa Energy will phase out the energy use of coal by 2022. Vantaa Energy’s various projects, focusing on circular economy solutions and new innovations, make it possible to carry out such a quick phase-out. Underway are the extension of the waste-to-energy plant, which will enable utilisation of waste from commerce and industry in 2022, creation of new high-temperature waste processing services with two plants to be completed in 2024, and the drilling of a large-scale geothermal heating plant that is about to be finished this year. All of these projects enable the quick phase out of fossil fuels and help pave the way for carbon neutrality.

The use of peat in energy production in Vantaa will also become history in 2021. Vantaa Energy biopower plant, which has been in operation since 2019, peat has been used to account for about 10 percent of the total fuel volume in order to slow down corrosion and fouling of the biomass boiler. An innovative system developed for the management of combustion and corrosion will be introduced at the plant and thus peat can be phased out.