New customer service system enables easier use of services!

The Vantaa Energy Group will introduce a new customer service system in October 2019. As a result of the new system, our services will be even easier to use than before.

We will also introduce a new online service together with the new customer service system. In the online service, you will find the electricity consumption data for your home, all contract-related details, as well as your bills. 

Your electric energy consumption data for previous years and your contract details since 2016 will automatically move to the new online service.

To use the new online service, please register in the service with your banking codes or mobile certificate at The login details of the old online and reporting services will no longer be valid after the new service has been launched.

Account number on the bill will change

As a result of the new customer service system, the account number on the electricity bill will change.
Please use the account number stated on the bill at all times when paying bills. If you are using e-bills, the account number will change automatically.

Exceptions in billing

In October, all our customers will receive a bill on which their electricity consumption is charged until the end of September.

Some of our customers who receive a bill every two months will get a bill with a different billing frequency. If you would normally receive your bill in September and November, you will now receive a bill also in October.

The old reporting service is no longer in use but the old online service will be available until 15 October 2019. The new customer service system will be launched on 21 October and the new online service later that week. Due to the modifications there may be also occasional downtime on our e-services after introduction.

You can contact our customer service team on 09 829 0225 on weekdays at 8 am–8 pm and on Saturdays at 10 am–4 pm.
Note exceptional customer service hours: 17 and 18 October at 8 am – 4 pm, 19 October closed.