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Improvement of energy efficiency in properties is a climate deed

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The National Energy Saving Week is held on 11‒17 October. During this year’s campaign week, especially cities are encouraged to take energy-saving measures that help to achieve climate targets. The goal of Vantaa Energy is to phase out the use of fossil fuels in energy production by 2026 and to be carbon-neutral in 2030. In addition, the company recently launched services for improving energy-efficiency in properties, offering customers even more diverse opportunities to improve energy consumption and cost-effectiveness in properties.

– In all its activities, Vantaa Energy aims to the best of its ability to support the achievement of the climate targets at the City of Vantaa, Finland and the EU levels. Our heating network acts as a channel for distributing the climate-friendly heat we produce, helping to turn an entire city carbon neutral in one go, says Matti Wallin, Director of Vantaa Energy’s Energy Service Business.

The heating of properties accounts for about a quarter of all energy consumed in Finland. Improving the energy efficiency of properties is an important means to reduce the climate impacts of heating. And best of all, energy efficiency measures always bring clear savings for housing companies in the form of reduced housing costs.  

– Improvement of energy efficiency in properties does not mean huge investments as you can acquire it as easy services from Vantaa Energy. Vantaa Energy’s Energy Broadband service package is a new way of acquiring a property’s energy services in one go, at a low price and as a constantly developed service. Therefore, it would be worthwhile for companies to take greater advantage of utilisation of energy efficiency as their responsibility asset. As a forerunner in the energy sector, Vantaa Energy is a reliable partner in this matter, Wallin sums up.

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Matti Wallin, Business Director, Energy Services, Vantaa Energy Ltd
tel. +358 44 723 5782

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