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Heating network is a distribution channel for climate-friendly energy

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Vantaa Energy is a forerunner in the energy sector. It offers its customers a modern energy system and introduces new technologies with an open mind.  However, what makes it possible to bring together our innovative forms of producing climate-friendly energy and to utilise them on a daily basis is the heating network. It brings the benefits of new technologies in the everyday lives of city residents in the form of warm showers and homes.

Heating network already provides climate-friendly heat for homes in Vantaa

The heating network is an underground pipeline that moves hot water into homes and properties. The water in the heating network uses a heat exchanger to heat up the water circulating in the property’s own heating network and the hot tap water. After that, the cooled down water in the heating network is returned for reheating. The total length of the heating network in the Vantaa region is 600 kilometres with 42 million litres of water circulating in the network. Heat distributed via a heating network is the most popular form of heating in Finland.

The heating network is a distribution channel for climate-friendly energy.  Energy production sources that comply with new technology can be connected to the heating network, and therefore it is possible to distribute energy that is as environmentally friendly as the production connected to it allows.

The energy distributed via the heating network of Vantaa Energy is already produced in an environmentally friendly way. In 2020, as much as 86 per cent of out heat was produced with fuels other than fossil fuels. The majority of heat was produced by utilising various waste energy sources, such as non-recyclable waste and waste heat recovery. One-third of the heat was produced with bioenergy. The use of peat in energy production will be phased out this year and the use of coal next year. After that, the only fossil fuel remaining will be a small amount of natural gas, which will be completely phased out after the seasonal heat storage facility is completed. Vantaa Energy’s energy production will be free from fossil fuels by 2026. Energy storage will play a big role in the future.

– What will be unique in the area of Vantaa Energy’s heating network is the seasonal heat storage facility, which will be completed in 2026. It will make it possible to store in the facility the equivalent of the energy demand of a medium-sized Finnish town.  This is the future, and it will enable, e.g. utilisation of wind and solar energy in heating, as well as extensive recovery of waste heat in a completely new way, says Kalle Patomeri, Vantaa Energy’s Business Director, City Energy.

Heating network is a crucial factor on our way towards carbon-neutral heat

The heating network efficiently connects innovative energy production plants and those needing the heat.

– The heating network makes it possible to turn the heating of whole towns carbon neutral because, with a heating network, it is easy to distribute climate-friendly heat to a large number of customers.  Necessary changes in terms of the climate, such as making fossil-fuel based heating of towns carbon neutral by utilising the heating network, are easy, quick and economically sensible, says Matti Wallin, Vantaa Energy’s Business Director, Energy Services.

– From the customer’s point of view, the heating network is an easy way to do a good climate deed, Matti Wallin sums up.

Further information:

Kalle Patomeri, Business Director, City Energy, Vantaa Energy Ltd
tel. 050 529 4158

Matti Wallin, Business Director, Energy Services, Vantaa Energy Ltd
tel. 044 723 5782