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First waste load arrives at the extension of the Waste-To-Energy plant

Vantaan Energia Jatevoimalan laajennuksen kahmari

The construction work of the extension of the Waste-To-Energy plant of the circular economy energy company Vantaa Energy is progressing according to the original schedule and the extension is already gearing up for the commissioning of the plant. The source of energy in the new power plant will be domestic, non-recyclable energy waste from commerce and industry. The commissioning of the extension of the Waste-To-Energy plant enables phasing out the use of coal and progressing towards carbon negativity. The first waste load have already arrived at the bunker of the Waste-To-Energy plant.

In the extension of the Waste-To-Energy plant, preparations are made for the plant’s commissioning and igniting the waste fire. As part of this project, the bunker of the Waste-To-Energy plant’s extension is now being filled with waste – the first waste load to the extension of the Waste-To-Energy plant arrived at the begining of May. The bunker is a gigantic pool into which trucks tip the waste arriving at the plant with huge metal grabbers mixing the waste and moving it for energy utilisation.

Waste reception is started in good time before igniting the first waste fires to ensure that the plant’s cranes and grabbers can be tested with the correct waste. From tnow-on non-recyclable energy waste will arrive at the extension of the Waste-To-Energy plant at a growing rate so that a sufficient amount of suitable fuel will be stored and mixed for test runs by the time the first waste fires of the plant will take place in early summer as planned. As the test runs progress, the amounts of waste received will grow further, and waste reception will be fully operational by the time commercial operations will start in the autumn.

As the Waste-To-Energy plant will have new capacity for energy utilisation of non-recyclable energy waste in the extension of the plant, it will be possible to replace imported coal with a domestic energy source. As a result, Vantaa Energy will be able to phase out the use of coal. The coal-fired boiler in the Martinlaakso power plant will remain ready for deployment until further notice in order to safeguard security of supply. It will therefore be available in situations where we would face other restrictions related to sources of energy. That way Vantaa Energy prepares to safeguard heat supplies to homes and properties in Vantaa also in potential exceptional situations.

The goal of Vantaa Energy is to phase out the use of fossil fuels in energy production by 2026 and then to progress towards carbon negativity by 2030. In addition to environmental impacts phasing out the use of fossil fuels also has an impact on stability in the price of heat.  

The extension of the Waste-To-Energy plant is located in Långmossebergen where there are also other circular economy activities in addition to the power plant. Operators in the area include Vantaa Energy, Remeo and Rudus which have named the area Uusiola (Recycling Village), a focal point of circular economy. The Waste-To-Energy plant and its new extension represent circular economy activities at their best because, thanks to the extension, non-recyclable energy waste can be utilised there as a source of energy for heat and electricity with a higher capacity than before.

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