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Climate-friendly energy for customers of Vantaa Energy

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Vantaa Energy will phase out fossil fuels in energy production by year 2026. For customers, this means increasingly more environmentally friendly energy via the heating network. Phasing out fossil fuels is a climate deed and a significant step towards carbon neutrality: Vantaa Energy’s goal is to be carbon neutral in 2030.

With Vantaa Energy’s Fossil-free 2026 project, it is easier than ever before for the company’s customers to reduce emissions: phasing out the use of fossil fuels provides customers with energy that is produced in a climate-friendly way via the heating network. Phasing out fossil fuels means being at the cutting edge and offering extensive benefits for housing managers, housing companies, contractors, and the City of Vantaa.

“It is easy to join the heating network: it is a secure and modern choice also in the future. Heat distributed via the heating network is the most popular heating form in Vantaa, and therefore the total impacts of our climate deeds will be significant,” says Matti Wallin, Vantaa Energy’s Business Director, Energy Service Business.

The world’s largest seasonal heat storage facility is a key project in the Fossil-free 2026 entity. The facility is exceptional on the scale of the whole Europe: its volume will be about 1,000,000 cubic metres, and the amount of energy stored in the water kept at a temperature of 140 degrees corresponds to the annual consumption of a medium-sized town.

“We have excellent capabilities and favourable starting points to make a change. To be completed in 2026, the innovativeness of the seasonal heat storage facility is illustrated by the fact that it ranked among 70 best projects in the EU Innovation Fund financing application. Although similar projects are ongoing in Finland and abroad, for example, in Denmark and Holland, the project planned by Vantaa Energy is exceptional in terms of its scale and implementation,” describes Kalle Patomeri, Vantaa Energy’s Business Director, City Energy.

As a result of being a forerunner and doing climate deeds, Vantaa Energy offers its customers an option for sustainable energy consumption. Despite sizeable climate deeds, customers can rest assured that Vantaa Energy will be a provider of energy services that offers price stability also in the future.

”We make sure that the price of heat energy produced in a climate-friendly way will remain stable for our customers also in the future,” Wallin assures.

According to Wallin, Vantaa Energy wants to invest in improving the daily lives of our customers also in terms of purchasing responsibly produced energy solutions.

“Our aim is to make the use of energy even easier than before. That way our customers need not worry about the energy-efficiency measures and equipment as we will take care of them on their behalf. This will also help us to reduce carbon dioxide emissions at the city level. It is also the most cost-effective solution with the most stable prices.”

Vantaa Energy’s goal is to be carbon neutral in 2030. For customers this means that their energy will be produced in an even more environmentally friendly way than at present via the heating network.

“For us at Vantaa Energy, it is important to offer customer-oriented and climate-friendly solutions. High prices do not persuade consumers to make sustainable choices, and therefore we must be resourceful with practical solutions. The City of Vantaa seeks carbon neutrality by 2030 and Finland’s goal is to do so by 2035. We are offering concrete solutions in order to achieve these targets,” Patomeri sums up.