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AI solution increases operational reliability for Vantaa Energy’s Waste-To-Energy Plant

Vantaa Energy and Sumitomo SHI FW (SFW) continue cooperation by extending the digitalization solutions already implemented for the bioboiler at the Martinlaakso Power Plant to the Waste-To-Energy Plant. The aim is to further increase the operational reliability of energy production through a digitalization solution that is based on the use of process data, analytics and artificial intelligence.

The cooperation between Vantaa Energy and SFW will continue with a project to further increase the reliability of energy production through a digitalization solution at the Vantaa Energy-To-Energy Plant. The solution will analyze and utilize process data from the energy production of the Waste-To-Energy Plant in production in the form of more comprehensive process information. The solution visualizes the fouling in the waste-to-energy process in the form of indicators and graphs for the operators, based on real-time process data. The aim of the boiler fouling prediction is to reduce the load on the production equipment and enable a more planned production for the waste incineration process.

– The implementation of the digitalization solution for the waste-to-energy plant is a natural continuation of our previous successful cooperation at the Martinlaakso power plant. Vantaa Energy is a great partner and customer that recognizes the benefits of digital services and implements them in the operations of the power plant, says Markus Keskiruokanen, Development Manager of Digital Business Services at SFW.

Vantaa Energy and SFW started their cooperation in 2019 with a pilot project to develop and deploy a digitalization solution for the Martinlaakso Power Plant’s bioboiler based on process data, analytics and artificial intelligence to optimize the power plant’s efficiency. The solution has enabled Vantaa Energy to increase the use of biofuels already since 2020, while reducing the use of fossil fuels in energy production. The result was both lower carbon dioxide emissions and lower operating costs.

– The results of our cooperation with SFW’s digital services have been very good, and so we are confident that we can also expect success with the solutions developed for the waste-to-energy plant, says Samuli Björkbacka, production engineer at Vantaa Energy.

Vantaa Energy’s goal is to move away from fossil fuels in energy production as quickly as possible and move towards carbon neutrality in 2030. 

More information

Samuli Björkbacka
Production Engineer
Vantaa Energy
p. 050 331 0217

Markus Keskiruokanen
Digital Business Services Development Manager
Sumitomo SHI FW (SFW)
p. 040 550 0138