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Sustainability management

Enabling a functioning society

Without energy, people and businesses cannot survive in today’s world. We are solving the biggest challenges of our time while keeping homes warm and the electricity on.

Vantaa Energy plays a major role in the everyday life of Vantaa residents and businesses and in the provision of public services. All properties in Vantaa are connected to our electricity networks, and 90 % of Vantaa residents live in properties heated by us. We are a key part of critical infrastructure and security of supply.

“We lay the foundation for a functioning daily life for the people of Vantaa, and we ensure the basic functioning of society by making sure that our customers have an uninterrupted supply of energy in all situations,” describes Vantaa Energy’s Juha Luomala, Director, Public Affairs & Communications.

As a company that is owned by two cities, we are part of the surrounding society and are obligated – and eager – to participate in the social dialogue on our core business.

There is a clear link between the climate targets of the City of Vantaa and Vantaa Energy.

“The planned emission reductions from district heat production will enable the City of Vantaa to meet its ambitious climate targets. Significant actions are required of us in a relatively brief period of time, but we have already made good progress.”

The company’s sustainability policy, approved by the Board of Directors, guides everything we do and our planning. Our management and employees are committed to sustainability through short- and long-term incentive schemes.

“It’s good that new requirements in the area of sustainability are emerging both through legislation and through society’s wishes. Of course, this requires us to learn new things and work harder. We feel that it’s a very natural role for us to strive to be a leader also in sustainability issues,” notes Luomala.

This is how we create value

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More transparency

The EU’s Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive, which came into force in 2023, requires companies to be even more transparent about the social and environmental impacts of their activities. We will publish our first sustainability report compliant with the new requirements and verified by a third party in 2026.

For that, we have created a sustainability program that looks at impacts from two angles: how our own actions affect society and the environment, and how their phenomena affect our business.

Our key sustainability targets are climate change mitigation, reliable energy supply and promoting a circular economy.

We will reduce emissions by phasing out the use of fossil fuels in our energy production in Vantaa by 2026.

By then, also our electricity production should be 95% climate neutral. We intend to be carbon negative by 2030.

“Every day we work towards these goals and we make progress in them. At the same time, we want to maintain excellent security of energy supply and competitive district heating prices.”

This is also how we are meeting the expectations of our residential and business customers.

“Many would certainly prefer not to have to think about energy availability, price and environmental impacts. The expectation is that it works in all areas. Our job is to get energy and limited resources circulating in order to get more from less. That way, both the wallet and the climate will thank us,” Juha Luomala sums up.