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Strategy: Carbon-negative energy production by 2030 

Vantaa Energy’s strategic target is carbon-negative energy production by 2030. Emissions will be reduced through a number of projects, the most significant of which are the seasonal thermal energy storage facility, and various projects based on electric heating and waste heat. Achieving carbon negativity requires capturing carbon dioxide, which is currently being explored.  

The seasonal thermal energy storage facility, dubbed “Varanto,” is the centerpiece project in our plan. It allows us to do more from less, as heat that previously went to waste can be stored. Varanto will enable us to build a “hybrid heating system” in Vantaa that is the most competitive way to produce carbon-neutral heating.    

Our heat-producing system will be like a hybrid car: sometimes running on electricity, sometimes on other production forms. Our district heating network acts as the power transmission and is steered by smart control. This way, we can secure an affordable and stable price for our customers while eliminating emissions.