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About our use of cookies at

What are cookies?
Cookie is a small text file saved on your computer or mobile device. It is used to save information about your way of using our website. The text file is not harmful. It cannot contain a virus or a code.

Why do we use cookies?
Cookies are used to monitor the number of visitors on the Vantaa Energy website by Vantaa Energy and its partners, and to analyze and develop the website so that it serves the visitors better.

Cookies can be used to know from which web page a person has come to the site, which web pages have been browsed, and which browser application, operation system and IP address were used, for example. We do not save or combine any identifiable data about your individual behaviour on our website to your customer information.

Accepting cookies
By using this website you accept that we may:
• collect information about your use of the website, including number of visits and pages visited;
• save information about the browser and device used to enter the website.

Cookies are retained for 26 months at maximum. Some of the cookies are removed when the browser is closed.

Rejecting cookies
You can reject cookies by adjusting the security settings of your browser. In the settings, you can choose to always get notified about cookies, and after this you can either accept or reject each cookie.

For more information about cookies and safe use of websites, please visit the Traficom website.

Description of external online services connected with our website that use cookies

We use Google Analytics to monitor the use and ways to use the website. Google Analytics records, for example, the number of visitors and the lengths of visits on various pages.
We use Google Tag Manager to manage the scripts uploaded on the website.

Contact us at for more information on the cookies used on our website.