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Heating in Vantaa – a climate-friendly and stable-priced heating solution

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The circular economy energy company Vantaa Energy provides heat in Vantaa in a climate-friendly way with domestic fuels. Heat in Vantaa is produced in the waste-to-energy plant from the mixed waste of consumers and in the Martinlaakso bioenergy heating plant that utilises domestic biofuel. Vantaa Energy is already heating Vantaa without coal, and the city will have fossil-free heat production in 2026. After that, Vantaa Energy will progress towards carbon negativity in 2030. Vantaa has the most favourably priced heat in the Helsinki region and it is among the most favourable in the whole country.

– Vantaa Energy actively solves climate issues: it does not rest on its laurels, but tackled the issue already a decade ago. We are now reaping the benefits of our long-standing work and, in addition to climate-friendly heating, our customers also enjoy the best price of heat in the Helsinki region. Phasing out the use of fossil fuels will enable a stable price for heat also long into the future, says Matti Wallin, Director of Vantaa Energy’s Energy Service Business.

In Vantaa, emissions from heating have fallen consistently year after year when Vantaa Energy has implemented its projects towards emission-free energy production. Commissioned in 2014, the waste-to-energy plant together with the Martinlaakso bioenergy heating plant, which was commissioned in 2019, reduced the company’s carbon dioxide emission by half. As a result of the commissioning of the extension to the waste-to-energy plant in spring 2022, Vantaa Energy’s energy production is now coal-free and the emissions from heating have fallen by as much as 70 per cent in ten years. 

In addition to climate-friendly heat production, both the Martinlaakso bioenergy heating plant and the waste-to-energy plant promote circular economy and contribute to the security of supply in domestic energy production. The bioenergy heating plant uses domestic forest fuel and by-products of the forest industry, i.e. in practice, wood chips, for example, from improvement felling, as well as bark and sawdust from offcuts of the wood industry. The waste-to-energy plant utilises source-separated mixed waste from the residents of the Helsinki and Uusimaa regions.

– Coal is no longer used in the heat production of Vantaa, and the very last of the fossil fuels will also be phased out by 2026. After that, Vantaa Energy will progress towards carbon negativity in 2030. These projects will enable price stability and climate-friendliness of heat in Vantaa long into the future, Wallin sums up.

Further information

Matti Wallin, Business Director, Energy Services, Vantaa Energy Ltd
tel. 044 723 5782

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District heat prices have been calculated with an annual consumption of 600 MWh with the Energy Authority’s consumption profile for a standard type apartment building. The price statistics present the price of district heat for standard type buildings, including tax, as €/MWh so that the fees include energy fees and fixed fees (power charges) including tax (value added tax and excise duty of fuels).