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Power-To-Gas Plant

Vantaa Energy Ltd is planning to build a Power-to-Gas (P2G) Plant. The plant would be the first plant to produce carbon-neutral, synthetic methane on a commercial scale with a fuel capacity of 10 MW in Finland. Synthetic methane is produced from captured carbon dioxide and hydrogen produced with renewable energy. 

The plant planned to be commissioned in 2025.

Power-to-x technologies

Power-to-x technologies change electricity to another form of energy. Carbon dioxide and hydrogen are needed as raw materials. The manufacturing process is carried out with renewable electricity. Power-to-x-technologies are believed to play a key role in climate change management and the ongoing energy transition, as they allow synthetic electric fuels produced to replace fossil fuels in cars, ships, air transport and energy production without hardware changes.

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Free fuel from the air?

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The NextGenerationEU funding of the European Union is granted for Power-to-Gas project.