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High-Temperature Incineration Plant

Turning hazardous waste into heat
– in a safe and climate-friendly way!


What happens to non-recyclable waste that’s classified as hazardous, i.e. the kind of household waste that requires separate collection? At Vantaa Energy’s High-Temperature Incineration Plant it will be safely turned into energy to heat the homes of Vantaa residents.


Vantaa Energy is building a High-Temperature Incineration Plant to treat non-recyclable household and industrial hazardous waste. The plant is located next to the Waste-To-Energy Plant in the Uusiola area. Typical hazardous waste from households consists of medicines, oily materials, paints, solvents, glues and varnishes and the like. Waste classified as hazardous is also generated in industrial processes.

Special attention has been paid to the safety and cleanliness of the plant’s operations. The plant is designed to comply with strict environmental legislation and the requirements of the Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency.

Enabling the phase out of fossil fuels and improving self-sufficiency

The High-Temperature Incineration Plant provides a new way to recover non-recyclable waste fractions. It enables Vantaa homes and properties to be heated with energy that is based on a raw material that cannot be used for other purposes and is even exported from Finland for processing elsewhere. Thus the plant will make Finland more self-sufficient both in the treatment of waste classified as hazardous and in terms of raw material for energy. Additionally, it will contribute to the phase out of fossil fuels by replacing the use of natural gas in heating.

Completion of the High-Temperature Incineration Plant is expected in 2025.

Safety and the environment are the foundation of the plant’s operations

Careful attention is paid to safety and the environment. The High-Temperature Incineration Plant’s use of best available waste-processing technology ensures an environmentally sustainable and energy-efficient treatment process. In a highly controlled manner, waste will be incinerated at a high temperature in a rotary kiln and post-combustion chamber. The combustion technology used in the rotary kiln ensures a high processing temperature and is a proven technology in Finland and elsewhere in the world. The flue gases will be cleaned of combustion emissions that are harmful to people and the environment. Energy efficiency will be maximized by investing in heat recovery systems that minimize the plant’s waste heat streams.

The plant is designed to comply with strict environmental legislation and the requirements of the Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency.

The plant is also designed for carbon capture and utilization. This way, the CO2 emissions generated in the treatment process can be sustainably recycled, making the process carbon neutral.