Extension of user rights

A user registered in Reporting Service can examine the consumption data of several customers in the reporting service, using just one user name and password. As a rule, this service is aimed at housing managers and company representatives, who need to examine, e.g. the consumption data of one or several companies, in addition to the consumption data in a personal electricity contract.

If you do not have a personal electricity contract with Vantaa Energy, you should register as a user of Reporting Service, using the information in the electricity contract of the company you represent. After that, you can follow the instructions below and add to your user information the user rights required for examining the consumption data of several customers in the reporting service, when necessary. 

Extension of user rights

Stage 1: You can log into your personal user interface with your username and password or with your personal online banking codes.

Stage 2: After logging into the service, move to the ‘User Rights’ tab

Stage 3: Go to ’Requesting user rights’ the bottom of the page. Select from the pull-down menu ’Rights of corportate customers’ and click ’Seek selected user right’.  

N.B.! If you have already registered as a user of Reporting Service using company information, you can now include the consumption data of your possible personal electricity or heating contract in the reporting service for viewing. In this case, select from the pull-down menu ‘Rights of residential customers’.

Stage 4: Enter the customer and metering point numbers of the company, along with the company ID. The data required are found on the company’s electricity or heating bill.  Read and accept the terms of use.

Stage 5: Please check the details you have entered and accept them by clicking Accept.

Stage 6: After you have accepted the details, a summary of the information provided by you will appear in the box. You can return to your personal user interface by clicking ’Go to application’. 

All of the user’s user rights are shown under ’Other user rights’ on the User rights tab.

The user right ‘Corporate customers’ + the company ID/name and customer number of the company show that the user has the right to examine the information concerning the company in Reporting Service. 

There are two levels of User rights, Representative and Customer:

  • Only the person who has registered in Reporting Service as the first user of the customer number in question can have the ‘Representative user right’. This user right entitles the person to examine consumption data in the reporting service, as well as to manage the user rights of other users within the same company.
  • The ‘Customer user right’ entitles the user to examine only consumptionm data in the reporting service.