Monitor your electricity and heat consumption

We are introducing a new customer service system, which is why the reporting service is currently unavailable. The new Online service will be launched during week 43. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

We will also introduce a new online service together with the new customer service system. In the online service, you will find the electricity consumption data for your home, all contract-related details, as well as your new bills.

To use the new online service, please register in the service with your banking codes or mobile certificate at The login details of the old online and reporting services will no longer be valid after the new service has been launched.

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Take advantage of our reporting service where you can easily see the electricity consumption of your home. You can review your own electricity and heat consumption at different times, from the annual to the hourly levels.

As a user of the reporting service, you can examine the consumption of your own metering points, monitor your consumption trends and compare them with the consumption of other similar metering points.

New user? Register in the service!

You can use your bank access codes to register in the service. To register, you will also need your customer and metering point IDs. These are found, e.g. on your bill.

Log in to the service

After confirming your registration, you can start using the service. You can log in to the service with the codes you used or through your online bank.

Instructions of use

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