Take the lead with your electricity bill

You can make big savings on your bill by optimising your consumption. The price of Spot Energy varies according to the markets. When you take the time to closely monitor the market price, you can switch the heating on and fill your washing machine exactly when the price is at its lowest!


3 reasons to choose Spot Energy

You are free to choose

The amount of your electricity bill depends on how closely you optimise the electricity consumption in your home. You can also change the contract at any time because with Spot Energy there is no commitment to a fixed term.

Cheap choice

The price is updated on a regular basis and is therefore competitive at all times. You pay the market price, value added tax and commission (0.22 c/kWh).

Follow actively

You can monitor the price at every single moment if you wish. You will always know on the previous day the hourly price of electricity the next day, which lets you plan your housework and sauna times in advance.

We take care of all the practical arrangements

Throughout Finland

Wherever you live, we can deliver electricity to you.


Reliable and domestic

We are a Finnish energy company with over a hundred years’ experience in serving our customers. We are reliable and trustworthy, and we always keep our promises.


Just sign the contract and we take care of the rest

You can draw up a contract in just a couple of minutes either online or with just one phone call. We will take care of everything else and cancel your previous contract.


There will be no additional costs or power cuts due to the switch. After placing an order, you have a right to cancel it within 14 days in case you need to reconsider your decision.



Spot + margin 0.22 c/kWh
Base payment 3.80 €/month