Take the lead with your electricity bill

What if you could switch your light on with waste? In our waste-to-energy plant, we use mixed waste produced by 1.5 million Finns and burn it into electricity. And because the raw material is waste, the electricity is also cheap. For this reason, the amount of waste ending up in the landfill is reduced by 340,000 tonnes. So, Garbage Energy is a smart choice for many different reasons.

3 smart reasons to choose Garbage Energy

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Fewer emissions

Why is waste taken to the landfill when you can give it a new life? This is what we were thinking when we built the most modern waste-to-energy plant in the world. As a result, the emissions of our energy production have fallen by 20 per cent and there is 340,000 tonnes less waste in the landfills. If this sounds smart to you, Garbage Energy is the right thing for you.

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Cheaper electricity

This electricity is not affected by the global market prices as its fuel comes from rubbish bags. This shows on your electricity bill as a stable and competitive price.

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Hundred per cent Finnish

Garbage energy is worthy of the Key Flag label as it has made it possible to reduce imported fossil fuels by 40 per cent. You can get garbage energy wherever in Finland you live.

We take care of all the practical arrangements

Throughout Finland

Wherever you live, we can deliver electricity to you.

Reliable and domestic

We are a Finnish energy company with over a hundred years’ experience in serving our customers. We are reliable and trustworthy, and we always keep our promises.

Just sign the contract and we take care of the rest

You can draw up a contract in just a couple of minutes either online or with just one phone call. We will take care of everything else and cancel your previous contract.

There will be no additional costs or power cuts due to the switch. After placing an order, you have a right to cancel it within 14 days in case you need to reconsider your decision.


Energy fee 6.19 c/kWh
Base payment 3.80 €/month
Day 6.79 c/kWh
Night 5.79 c/kWh
Base payment 3.80 €/month
Winter weekday 6.89 c/kWh
Other time 5.99 c/kWh
Base payment 3.80 €/month