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Vantaa Energy as an employer

Want to help tackle the circular economy’s most pressing issues?

The energy sector plays a major role in tackling climate issues. The world will not wait and the current solutions will not solve the challenges of the circular economy. We need innovations, the courage to think differently and the ability to find solutions. Vantaa Energy is an ambitious circular economy energy company that wants to be at the forefront of building tomorrow’s solutions and accelerating the development of the circular economy.

Actions speak louder than words

The world is full of talk, but we at Vantaa Energy believe in actions. We have a clear plan to reach carbon negativity and we are taking concrete measures to achieve it. In the coming years, we are making significant investments in many of our different circular economy projects. One example is the High-Temperature Incineration Plant, which is already under construction and will provide a way to safely recover non-recyclable, hazardous waste for energy. We are also planning the world’s largest Cavern Thermal Energy Storage. Storing energy will play an essential role in Vantaa Energy’s transition to zero-emission energy production.

Join us for a front-row seat to the circular economy

Vantaa Energy is known as an open-minded and innovative leader in the circular economy. We are more than a traditional energy company: we are a modern circular economy energy company, so working for us gives you a front-row seat to the circular economy. You can use your expertise and specialized knowledge to tackle some of the world’s most significant issues.

We are more than just a place to work

We are also a community full of innovative, curious and ambitious energy sector professionals. What we have in common is a desire to change the world for the better, the courage to try things for the first time and the belief that together we can tackle the world’s critical issues around energy, heat and security of supply.

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