8 reasons to choose us

Why choose Vantaa Energy?

We are an honest lot and curious forerunners. We always seek new ways of doing things better. Here are eight reasons why it is worth your while to join us.

Low-cost electricity

We offer affordable electricity to all parts of Finland.

Stable and responsible

We are a profitable and successful energy company with over a hundred years’ experience, and you can put your trust in us.

Owned by the city residents

We are owned by the cities of Vantaa and Helsinki or, in practice, the residents of the cities. Therefore, our profits go back to the community.

Switch on your bonuses

The co-op members of S-Group can collect Bonus points from Vantaa Energy’s electricity. You add Bonus points every time you have a sauna or watch TV.

Finland’s largest waste-to-energy plant

Finland’s largest waste-to-energy plant was completed in 2014. For that reason, our operations are now even more eco-friendly and sustainable than before. Thanks to the waste-to-energy plant, 374,000 tonnes of waste is now put to good use instead of ending up in the landfill.

A forerunner in wind power

The waste-to-energy plant is not our only environmental deed: we are also one of Finland’s largest producers of wind power, and we are planning more wind farms.

Satisfied customers

Our customers trust in us. And we want to be worthy of the trust placed in us. In 2016, our domestic customers gave us a score of 8.6 on a scale from 4 to 10. Our corporate customers were even more satisfied: they gave us a score of 8.7. Our heat and network services customers gave us better scores than other country-wide customers on average.

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